Healthy Skin Ayurveda

There are some herbs available from nature to support well your skin. There are some products too available from Ayurveda to heal your skin ailments and to support well its health too. Some of the best herbs those can help you to acquire healthy and soothing skin are as below:

1. Turmeric: Turmeric is a trusted herb from nature that can impart skin’s complexion enhancement besides fostering it well too. It is very common to use turmeric, when skin inflamed too because of its detoxifying and clarifying properties. When you add turmeric into your diet, it will helps well to your digestive system perfect working in turn to show significant positive effects over the skin. Importantly, when digestive system works at it peaks, then it supports well to liver and blood those are directly influencing your skin health. So, choose turmeric to use as many forms as possible including adding it into yours cooking for imparting healthy and soothing skin forever.
2. Brahmi Kola or gotu: It was already explained in earlier parts that Brahmi Oil can have soothing effects on your skin. This herb Brahmi is tridoshic in nature and ayurveda suggesting it to consider as internal ally too. This herb got natural capacity to pacify yours pitta besides protecting and strengthening the skin’s natural qualities too. Ayurveda is suggesting taking liquid extract of this Brahmi Gotu or kola for imparting healthy skin.
3. Neem: Neem is another important herb here ayurveda suggests for you. The bitter flavor of neem got the capacity to cool your body and it is good at pacifying both kapha and pitta too. Also, this herb is good at purifying your blood besides promoting proper digestion and eliminating toxins & excess heat from the body. It got strong affinity for blood, lymph and skin. It is suggested taking neem herb with strict limitations as excess can result into aggravation of vata. Definitely, neem is a best choice here to acquire healthy skin and ayurveda is coming up with best products by combining neem with some other herbs.

There are few particular dry powder massages suggested by Ayurveda for your basing up on your specific dosha imbalance. Ayurvedic specialist checks initially to find out the imbalances for this purpose in order to suggest right dry powders massages for your body. Let us check those details in detail below:

1. Grain & Nut Flours: If you are diagnosed with vata imbalance, then Ayurveda is suggesting colloidal oatmeal, wheat and rice and almond flours. For pitta imbalance suggested using wheat, millet and rice and barley flours. Millet, cornmeal, barley and rice flours are better for kapha imbalanced body.
2. Legume Flours: Mung, urad and brown lentil and chickpea dry powder massages are good for vata imbalance. Chikpea, soy and urad and adzuki flours suggested by ayurveda for the bodies those are with pitta imbalance. People with kapha imbalance are suggested using dry flour for massage are chickpea, mung and adzuki and red lentil.
3. Herbal Based Powders: Ayurveda is prescribing few special herbal powders for vata imbalance individuals and those are bala bringhraj, ashwagandha, ginger, cardmom, licorice, vidari, haritaki, lavender, rose hip and jasmine. Pitta pacifying ayuveda herbal powders for dry massaging are amalaki, brighraj, bhumyamalaki, hibiscus, fennel, coriander, shatavari, manjistha, neem, musta, rose, turmeric and lemongrass. Calamus, bibhitaki, clove, cardmom, ginger, cinnamon, purnava and gokshura are the herbal based dry powders suggested by ayurveda for dry massage for the people with kapha imbalance

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